An essential tool for speech and language pathologists

Most of the speech therapies rely on exercises that have to be done at home. We help you to create, assign and keep track of all the exercises done by your patients.

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Build your exercises library

Create your own exercises in video, image or even through a comprehensible step-by-step format. Using our approach, you can strenghten your bond with your patients and provide an experience as rich as the one in your office!

Build characters for your exercises

We keep your patients motivated to do their exercises at home

Does your patient need to repeat the speech therapy exercises throughout the week? No problem! We remember how and when they should perform the exercises at home and even reward them for their commitment!

And you can keep track of their performance closely

Find out exactly how many and which exercises each of your patients has performed. In this way, you can assess the suitability of the therapeutic plan on a case-by-case basis.

Mark Miller finished exercise Tongue Portrusion
Helen Lee unlocked trophy First Steps
Helen Lee finished exercise Jaw Moves
Mark Miller finished exercise Tongue Lift

Extraordinary professionals trust on our work! 💜

Gabriella Remédio

Awesome app, my patients love it and your support is perfect 👏👏👏

Aline Carolina Araújo

Fantastic application where you can register your exercises and monitor the progress of the patient.

Ana Silvia Castanho

It's really cool... my patients already have and they are loving it!